Clearly indicate a field is not editable

Hello!   First question here on these boards from a recently certified “rapid developer” :) I'm working on a page that is an overview of a customer, where there fields that are already filled out and not-editable. The only way to see they are not-editable is to hoover the mouse over the field and it is displayed as a "no-entry” sign. The client would like it to be more clear those fields are not-editable. So I thought I'd grey them out without making the contents unreadable. The contents are btw coming from a snippet connected to the customer entity.   I'd be very grateful for any tips,   Kind regards
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Adding it as an answer here so that it's visible that this question is solved:

Koos Dekker already found the answer himself – one way to do this is to change the “editability” in the properties of the field to “text”.