Unselect Radio button A when Radio button B is selected

I want to unselect Radio button A when Radio button B is selected. Both uses different enum. What would be easiest and best approach to do this? In Mendix can we access control and change its properties directly or need to write js/jave code/microflow to achieve this? 
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Hi Lalitha

Maybe this will work:

Set an on change event on one radio button → On Change – Call a Nanoflow → In the nanoflow check if the enum value of that radio button is empty → if it’s not empty (when a value is selected) change the other enum value of the other radiobutton object to empty→ if it is empty just end the nanoflow.

Do this for the other radio button aswell.

I hope this works.


Hi Lalitha,

In Mendix, when you use the radio button widget for selecting in an enumeration for example, the selection automatically changes when another option is selected. Perhaps you mean checkboxes?

Kind regards,

Tim van Leeuwen