Modal popup not scrolling down to the input textbox and button.

Hello, I have created a list view for my project, the purpose of this feature is the user to type in a string and save it. Once the string is saved it will appear on the list view.  Right now, when a user adds multiple string objects, the list view does not focus on the input textbox and add button. This forces the user to scroll down for multiple inputs.  I would like to know if there is a way when the user adds in the string object, the scrollbar automatically scrolls down to the input texbox and add button.  This is a client requirement.  Thank you for reading.    Before (above) and after (bottom) showing the result when the user types the string “test10z” this string object is added to the list view but the text box and add button goes down.​​​​​​
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Have a look at the Web Actions module. It contains "scroll to" actions that might be useful for your case