Pagination in Data Grid

Hi All, I would like to have pagination in the data grid which will show the first 10k records and then the option to navigate to the other set of data. (Do not want to use the inbuilt option available in data grid).  Any suggestion on how I can proceed with this will be helpful. Thanks
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Hi Satyam Desai,

Create custom pagination as per your style using Nanoflows or Microflow. Yes you can use datagrid 2 also having more advance functionalities.

Hope this helps you! 


If by pagination style, you mean styling the pagination buttons in a different format then you could apply custom styling for those buttons. Look at the how to for more details on styling in Mx8

If you want to create your own pagination, you could do that via a microflow and on top apply any styling to your pagination buttons that you want.


You may find it helpful to take a look at Mendix's new datagrid, the Datagrid 2.0. A lot more is possible here than the old data grid, especially in the field of search/filtering and pagination: