Open a _Select page from a Microflow

I hate the design of the native reference selector and would like to avoid using it by simply opening the _Select page through a microflow. But the problem is that these pages use two inputs: the object to which I’m going to link the selected objects and the selectable objects list. Is there a way to do it through a microflow? If so, how should I name the selectable objects list parameter?   EDIT: My workaround, so far, has been to hide the content of the grid through css so as to only leave the “Add” button. It’s not the cleanest thing in the world but it works. 
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Hi Patrick,

I would suggest:

Create a (pop up) page with a data view of the object.

Within the data view set a List view of the selectable entity (You can add selection restrictions in the configuration of the list view).

Have the ‘On click’ action of the list view be a microflow.

Set up the microflow to with input parameters Object of the Dataview and Selected Object . You can configure the on click action to pass on these objects to the microflow.

Set up the microflow to change the association of the main object to the newly selected object and then close page.


I hope I understood your problem correctly and this helps. cheers