How to create associations among three entities

In my Mendix project, there are three entities Order, Type, Approver. Every order associate one type, and one type can associate more than one approver. For example, Order 1’s type is Type 1, and Type 1 has two approvers you can choose. How to display these two approvers to let me choose one of them? I used Input Reference Set Selector to select approvers associated with Type. But I cannot choose one of the selected approvers in Order_Edit page. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
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Hi ,


Probably your domain model will be like as below,

The order page will look similar as below will allow you to select multiple approvers 

We can add a new page to select multiple approvers for Add page.


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Hi Zoey,

You can use data grid-2 instead of input reference selector and use associations as data source. Also, there is an onclick event in the widget. 

Entity: Order – 1 to 1 associations – Order Type and Order Type – 1 to many associations – Approver