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Hi Guys, We’re building an app, and here’s the ask from the business: Given I am on the Homepage of the application When a new request has been submitted by a Requestor Then the 'Submitted' button counter has incremented by 1 and is highlighted in Bold text to show there is a new request to review. The dashboard is driven by a basic retrieve and count, and is visible to anyone with the “reviewer” role: Which drives this data view/card action widget:   The count works fine, but i’ve no idea how to change the text to bold, is it possible? I though maybe the HTML snippet add-on might do it, but i just can’t figure out if it’s even possible, let alone it’s complexity. Any thoughts or confirmation would be much appreciated. If there’s any other info you think would be relevant, please let me know. Thanks, Martyn
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If I understood it correctly, then you want to just make the count variable bold when a new request is submitted. In that case you would need to separate it from the Submitted text and then provide some custom styling on the Count text by using dynamic classes.

For example you could add dynamic class based upon a boolean which can be set or unset incase a new request is submitted.