Retain Data Grid 2 Sorting Sequence

Hi, I am using data grid 2. My case is like I am sorting to table then I click on one record and it takes me to another page, now on pressing back button I will go back to my data grid now I want the sorting order to be same as I sorted before. but it is restoring to default order.   Can any one please help
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See this for example in BaseApplication (

You will need to store the setting in an entity. I created this for it:

Next you need to store the DataGrid2 in an object 'PersonalSetting’ using a unique ElementName, in this example ‘UserAccountOverview’.

Having these properties:

The datasource microflow:

And calling microflow PersonalSetting_GetOrCreateForElement using this parameter:

And the microflow:

There is also an example in Marketplace module Person,