List view controls client side only

Hi, List view controls are nice when filtering data in the database. But if I have the scenario where the user changes an attribute used as a search condition in the client it is not reflected until committed to the database.   The best scenario would be if I can fetch a list and then based on an “local” list view control I would be able to filter it in the client without asking the database. Is there something that does this that I have failed to find?     Kind regards Johan
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Hi Johan,


If the same user/session is doing the changes then you can change the data source to “Microflow” and retrieve the data by association and filter it (in case the data is not associated you can create a non-persistable entity as a wrapper to hold/associate the needed objects with it) and control the search manually (if you are using Mendix 8 or higher it is provided out of the box by Mendix ) however, if the data is being changed by another user/session it will not be possible as the changes are in the memory for that session only