How to keep the last state when returning to a page?

Hello, In my project, there is a list view in page1, and I use text box search to filter out some expected information. Select one of them and click button1 to jump to another page Page2. You can browse or edit this information in Page2. There is a button2 in Page2, which events on click is show a page - > page1. But after returning Page1, the list view is displayed in the initial state. How to display the status filtered by text box search after returning, as mentioned above?
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Hi Zoey,


You could (temporarily) save the search filters, if you then go back to the page you will search when retrieve the list to see if you have a saved search filter. Then you use that to display a list directly filtered. If no filter is saved, you can have the list retrieved from database.

In this case you can, for example, use a DataSource Microflow in the listview that does a retrieve list based on the search filter that is displayed in the listview. If you make the search filter object the context for this listview, it's very easy to do.

It is important here that you manage the "save" well so that you also empty a saved search filter at the right times for the next time.