Default grid filtering takes longer time

I have used the default grid with search bar in my web page. When the grid has more than 2000 rows. When I filer by a particular value, the grid result has 2 rows. Now, when I click on the Rest button it brings back all the 2000+ records. However, reloading of the 2000+ takes some time. Can we add a progress bar(Loading, wait….) kind of thing when we click on the reset button?
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Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, the reset button is not configurable. There are however some tips that might help reducing the time it takes to load all the records:

  • If your datagrid is constraint by XPath → Add an index to the entity
  • Limit the amount of columns in your datagrid
  • Limit the amount of search fields that use an association (the population of the dropdown for such search fields might take more time than you think)

Hope this helps.

Greetings Martin