Allowing user to create quick links / add favorites on front page

Hi All, How would you approach allowing users to create quick links  or setting favorites to certain pages? Those quick links would be per user and the list would be shown on home page.  
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Hi Jyrki,

I think this could be a pretty simple implementation.
First thing I would do is use the Deeplink module to set up endpoints to access pages you would want the user to be able to save. If the pages are simple you can also just use the built in mendix url properties.

Then I would create an entity that contains a string to store a favorited url in, and I would associate that entity to a user so that it can be setup differently per user.

Then I would set up a button on each page that calls a flow to create an instance of that favorited url and point it at the user that click the button, then all you would need to do is commit that new object.

Last thing is on the home page you can set up a list or a template grid of all of their favorited link entities associated to them.
Each item in that list can then use that url attribute in a hyperlink widget.