Mendix Native Textbox focus issue in iOS

Hi All, I have a TextBox/TextArea placed in a Mendix Native page then a few dropdowns and some other controls. When I tap inside the Textbox, it will get focused and the keyboard will appear. After entering the required text, I will select something from the next dropdown. On tapping on the dropdown, the keyboard will get closed and items in dropdowns will be displayed, after selecting the item from the dropdown, the focus is automatically going back to the textbox and the keyboard is appearing again.  Now after entering text if I tap anywhere else in the screen which is not an input field, the textbox will get unfocused then if I select item from dropdown it won’t get focused again. What I want to have is if I tap on a dropdown or a container or anything else, the textbox should be unfocused. Is this possible? Note: This behavior is only in iOS. Android is working as expected
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