Accessing the local directory and showing the files inside it

Hi everyone, I would like to access my local directory and show the files present inside of it in a page. As shown in the image, I would like present a similar view on a page using mendix. Is it possible? Could anyone help me out here? Thanks
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Why would you want to have the same view as your local directory inside the Mendix application? 

I know that there are connector modules available but those are more for FTP (for instance) where you store the files on a server can thus can create a connection to it.

If you just need to view the files inside the local directory, the file manager does the task of showing the same view. I don’t really know and have not really come across such a use case but even if it is possible it just seems to me as an overhead of transferring data to Mendix and showing them in a view. It feels a bit unnecessary.

I could be wrong and maybe the use case really needs to be developed the way you explain, but for sure I would weigh against the cost(effort) involved & benefit it will give you (assuming that it is possible).