Unable to fetch the date automatically from calendar widget

Hii experts, I am using a calendar widget in my application, In my calendar widgets I have implemented one functionality that when user clicks on any date that day regarding tasks will be visible to the current user, Now where I am showing the task’s there is a button that will create the new task for the user. I want that when the user clicks on any date on the calendar widget only that day tasks will create from that create task button. I want that which date user select from the calendar widget only that date will visible in create task page date picker. any suggestions will be very helpful.  Thanks in advance. Best Regard’s Shivani 
2 answers

You can do the following:

  1. Create the task object via a microflow.
  2. In that microflow set the date of that Task as the one selected in the datepicker.
  3. On the Task edit page make the date picker non-editable.

Thanks Shreyash, It is working fine.