Reference Set Selector with XPath?

Hi all   I have a reference set selector to show which courses an attendee has signed up for (multiple attendees can attend multiple courses). However I have found out that you can’t set which courses get displayed. All courses with a reference to the attendee will be displayed. What I want to do is to remove the courses which have passed already and only show the ones which will take place in the future, problem is, I don’t see an XPath Window to set such a rule. I have tried the selectable objects window but that didn’t work or I did something wrong.   Can this be done or will I have to display all courses?   Thanks
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Hi Lenny,

The selectable objects should work.  You should put the source on xPath and use a statement like:

$Course/Date > '[%BeginOfCurrentDay%]'

If this doesn't work can you post the xPath constained you used here, so we can see what is wrong?