Auto hide on Click open page Container for non-access user

Hi community, when i use a button that leads to a page, this button is only shown to the users who have access rights to this page. All other users do not see the button. so far so good Instead of a button, i want to use a card action (from the building blocks). By clicking on the card (in module 1), you get to a page (in module 2). but the card is shown to every user, no matter if they have access rights to the page or not. Unfortunately, i can't work with conditional visibilty in this case, because the pages are in other modules (module 2), in which i have defined other user roles. the user roles from module 2 are not available to me in module 1 in the "conditional visibilty tab". I actually want to have the same behavior of the "on Click open page button" for an "on Click open page container".  Is this possible? Can someone help me here?  
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You could make a snippet in module 2 with the clickable card. Then you get access in that snippet to the user roles from module 2, and you can use the snippet in module 1.