Cancel Changes

I want to cancel changes and close page but refresh the underlying page which the application is trying to load. The page is not refreshed when on click action is Save changes.   Tried calling a microflow to rollback changes and then load page but its still saving changes. Anyway to handle this?
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I'm not sure I understood your question correctly, but what I think that you are asking is that you want to cancel the changes made on a detail page, and you want to close it and refresh the underlying page. To do this, you will have to make a microflow for the ‘close page’ cancel action where you first retrieve the context of the underlying page that needs to be refreshed. You can do this either by a parameter or by retrieving through association.

After that, when you use the close page action in the MF, you add a change action as well where you do not change anything to the object and only apply the 'refresh in client’ option in the action. This should refresh the underlying page context, showing any changes that are made.