Photo Upload in person Registration

Hii, iam implementing a person registration, where a person enter his details(like Name,age,gender,...) along with that he needs to upload his profile photo. can anyone help me how to implement that along with how to display after registration.
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Like I answered in take module Person as an example. Copying code is always way faster then creating it yourself from scratch.




You need to do few thing links:
1. First In domain module create two entity LOGIN and IMAGE.

2. Call microflow  as give below image, and in microflow  call retrieve object active, in entity select login entity from database, and in XPath constraint call CurrentUser,  don't forget in End event return object and same entity as you pass in retrieve object, and in return value, pass $USER.

3. Take data-view widget in data-view  entity, select image entity from domain, use association select user full-Name attribute and image.

Main Screenshot.



Hope that helps you.