How to upload multiple files in mendix

hii guys, i have cretae a file entity to accept files from pc. I have two seperated file manager widgets one after another and i have two upload buttons next to eachother which will commit files two databases. but only file scanned from second widget gets commited to datbase while file scanned from first file manager widget not. Even though microflow to both upload buttons is same, only 2nd file is commited.Why?can anyone please suggest me what to do.
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Hi Akash,
Instead of using FileManager widget you can use File Dropper widget ( )
We can upload multiple no of file at a time by using this. To View this file you can use Universal ( ) file viewer widget.



Here you need to configure the Entity (Attachment) which is generalized from System.FileDocument and one Association (MyWorkflow.Attachment_Comment/MyWorkflow.Comment) .
Note: FileDropper must be placed inside a Dataview only.


Highlighted in yellow is widget you can click that and select a files (txt,pdf,jpg), that will be previewed as bellow the widget.

Above are retriving the list of uploaded Images. I Hope this info will be helpful for you. Thanks.



Hi Akash,

Please refer this link
Upload a File in Your App Using ATS - Quality Add-ons Guide | Mendix Documentation