Graphically sorting rows

I have an entity where the rows are sorted by the value in an attribute called “Sort”. This attribute is obviously an integer.    The problem is, I want users to enter these sort integers and there could be hundreds of rows. If they want to rearrange something they have to manually change the two rows. it’s extra annoying because I made this value unique so they can’t just flip the values. They have to change one value to something like 999999, change the new value to the old value, then change the 9999 back to the new value.    Is there any kind of widget that allows users to VISUALLY view and rearrange the rows of an entity, updating this “sort” value. Sort of like how you see a group of values and you highlight one and click a “move up” or “move down” button?
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You could create a simple microflow that does the move up steps for the user and then put that behind an action button on the page.  Then they would highlight a row (if you are using a datagrid) and click the move up button.

A move down button would work in a similar way.