Translate data from DB based on User selected language

Hello All, We have a web application that supports multiple languages. We are using Mendix translations for translating the labels and messages based on the language selected by the user. Now, we have a dropdown (Category) to show in UI and the input for that is stored in a database table. We have stored the data in English but if the user has selected any other language, it should be translated and displayed. We have an idea that we will add an extra column to map the language code and create entries for all the languages that the app support. But the problem with this approach is that with reporting. We need to show all the requests created under a category. If we create entries for each category this will not work properly. This also we can again fix by adding a masted level for category and mapping each category properly and creating the report based on the master category. This approach does have more maintenance too. Is there a way that we can translate the details on the fly? We do have a native mobile solution for the same web app, that also should support the same.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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