Screen becomes very slow in case of huge number of objects >3000

HI everyone, On a mendix application, we have a Editable List view( Source from Microflow) which is loading 3000+ objects. The List view displays those objects. However, it takes 20 seconds to load the screen and once the objects appear on screen, any action performed on the objects of this editable list view, freezes the screen and make it very very slow. Has anyone experienced the same behaviour? And what could be the best way to handle large number of objects in Mendix screen ? PS: These are objects of Persistent Entity
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In the microflow, use limit and offset on the retrieve to show a subset of the object. No one is editing 3000+ at a time. Can’t you use an XPath sourced list and use pagination? If there’s complex logic in the microflow, maybe use a persistent helperobject to associate the retrieved objects to and use that in a dataview, source microflow where you return the helper object after you retrieve and associate your objects. Then you can show the list inside the dataview by xpath using the association to the helper object and use pagination (and search options), so you don’t get all 3000+ objects at once.