Adding a dataview dynamically on same page just above main placeholder when user click a button.

Scenario: When user clicks calculate button i want to show the result (a table in a dataview) on the same page . Everything before click should be there but after click a dataview is added (possibly above Main Placeholder). Is there any way i can do that., or any other way to show a table on same page i.e., pushing main placeholder content below and show a table in the gap. Please help.
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You can use conditional visibility. Steps that could help:

  1. Create a non persistent entity where you set the boolean attribute IsShown (default is false)
  2. When user clicks on the button → set the value to true and refresh in client
  3. On the page set conditional visibility based on the attribute added.


You may have to relate your non persistent entity with your data in order to display the table properly.

Alternate options → depending on Mx version see if dynamic classes help.

ShowByCondition widget is another way. Do note that you’ll need to add a class as mentioned on the github documentation of the widget.

Good luck!