Web app, unique for each user

Hi, I was wondering where I could read about making it so that published web/mobile applications have it so that the created objects on User1 are not seen when User2 and so on open the app. Because if one user creates objects, it’s visible to everyone. What I want is for the user to enter the app, and there’s either no objects (but if another user-created object, it’s still there only for them) or some that are foundational to the app.
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Hi Yusuf,

I am not entirely sure what you specific use case is, but is see some options.

You could use nonpersistable entities: they exist only in the client, so users will not see each others nonpersistables.

Another option is to use entity access. If you enable “store owner” in the properties of a persistable entity:

Then in the entity access rules of that entity you can do:

Now the user can only see the objects that were created by the user.

For more info see https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/access-rules/#xpath-constraint

Would one of these options work for you?