Scrolling back to the list entry where the user navigated from

Hi, My page displays a list of 50+ list entries. Clicking on an entry opens a full page with all kinds of detail. On this detail page, I added a Close Page button. Clicking the close page button closes the detail page, the user is on the page with the full list view again – however, back at the top of the page. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to scroll back to the list item that the user has clicked on after the detail page is closed? Best, Lukas
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Hi Lukas,

There’s no direct way to do this.

A work-around could go like so:

  1. Use the ScrollToAnchor widget through a microflow in the close button of the details page.
  2. Choose the Offset and/or the Scroll option to ensure you land on the entry that was clicked.
  3. You might need to work on the original page (the one displaying 50+ entries) and auto-assign Anchor points sequentially to all entries.





there are multiple ways to solve this.

I think the easiest would be to have your details page not be a page, but a popup.

style the popup so that it is full width/height so it looks like a page, then when you close the “popup-page” your scroll position will remain.

(you often see this pattern on mobile interfaces)


Hi all


Is there anybody else that already found another solution for this problem? Without making the page look like a pop-up?


Kind regards