Multiple Tabs UI

Hi all, I have a page where we have a lot of tabs, and the tabs are going out of screen and making the UI look very bad, can anyone help me how can i achieve a scrollbar for only the tabs, and the contain inside the tab staying intact? or any other alternate for this also works. Regards, Rahu
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Hi Rahul,

Having a scrollbar for tabs would not be user friendly in my opinion.

You could look at alternatives such as:

  1. Segregating the information on tabs into different pages based on their functional use case. Having this option under menu or for instance in the nav bar.
  2. Another alternate, which may not be perfect would be to have tabs inside tabs but please keep in mind that user clicks may increase here.

Hope this helps!


you could also change the layout to incorporate a verticle tab structure, because you can fit more items in.

but like Radhika said, this might be beneficial to solve this on the content side, than on the UI side.