Entity is not accessible inside Data View of another modules entity

Hi Team, We have an app consisting of A and B modules. B uses data from A module entities. Task – Entity of A module, TaskFlow  – Entity of B module.  1-* association TaskFlow_Task   In B module, there is a D page which is triggered by a microflow from a page of B module. D page consists of: Data View of Task entity to show data available for current Task Item (shown as non-editable as per requirement)   Requirements: To display editable form fields from TaskFlow entity of B module on page D. Fields are of type text, number, boolean.     Scenarios tried and challenges: Textbox widget (TaskFlow or TaskFlow_Task isn’t accessible in attributes), Input reference selector (Attibute options displays non-selectable Task entity without any attribute) How to access TaskFlow entity inside Data view of Task? Security > Entity access is available in B module – B.TaskFlow_Task (A.Task)   Please let us know. Thanks!  
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Did you try to place a dataview showing the TaskFlow inside of your Task DataView? If not, you should try. If you are allowed to edit the attributes, this is how you should do it.