Impact on session being removed with EnableKeepAlive set to true

Hi all, We have an application that displays production data on a dashboard that are constantly cycling through the different production entities (machines). The cycling is triggered by a microflow timer that retrieves the next machine in the list and displays its data. A view-only user is created and the that user is logged in on a screen that is always on. We have turned on the system configuration EnableKeepAlive, which to my understanding should never log the user out. The installation is on premise, so the security aspect of the EnableKeepAlive is mitigated to some extend. What we find is that the user is abruptly logged out from time to time and nothing shows on the logs that can point us to the reason of the session ending (user also confirmed they never logged out). We also see in the logs an info message similar to Killing old session for user {username} as a new session was created does this message have a correlation to the user being signed out?
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Hi Nico,

Is the Multiple sessions per user turned off? The message that you shared Killing old session for user as a new session was created sounds familiar in this respect.

More details on this setting can be found in Mendix documentation here

Although, I’m not completely sure if this is causing the issue you’ve mentioned. But could be worth checking.