Replacing the default loader with custom loader

Hi, I was looking to replace the default loader which we see during logging in to the application or saving a form with a custom loader (like .gif image). I did refer the existing solutions for this problem which were: (I tried Eric Tieniber  and Muhammad AbuRumman solution, but it did not work). I also tried giving the path of the gif file in custom.scss file but there was no change. Here are some screenshots for reference: custom.scss file:   Gif file location and Style folder location: main.scss: gif file: So what should be done, to get the customized gif file as a loader?.
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Hi Sidhant!


Try with this line inside main.scss:  background-image:  url(./splash.gif);


It worked on my app.



Hi Sidhant Dorge,

The URL path you have Given is wrong, you will have to target the Folder in which the .gif file is present ( You have given your path from Your local machine like E: ) . For example if you gif is in Theme/Web/loader.gif  the path will be like

 background: url("web/loader.gif"); 

Note : Theme folder Will be you root folder. 

The import  you have done for Custom.Scss will be similar to the Above( not the whole path including your local System path).

Hope it helps!!