Idle User Logout

Hi everyone,  I have a doubt regarding idle users timeout. So if for an application idle user timeout is set to 15 mins So if a user logs in and would be inactive and after 10 mins the same user logs in another browser and would be inactive as well. After 15 mins the user in the first browser logs out because of the timeout. So will this timeout impacts on another browser as the user is same. Will he get logged out in  2nd browser as well. Please clarify this doubt.   Regards, Cyril  
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Hi Cyril,

Assuming the application has multiple sessions turned ON and the same user is able to login via different browser it will also depend on what value is set for EnableKeepAlive. Also, I think that a session is cleared out and not the user when the sessiontimeout is exceeded.

If you need more information regarding this topic, I’d suggest you to check this link.

You can verify the behavior yourself for your application because your settings could be different. But most likely, the user will not be logged out from the second browser as that is a completely different session.