Pass id from one tab to another to filter

Hi  I have one tab with article, and one tab with inventory updates. When I click or double click on an article row, and then click on the inventory update tab, I would like to filter only inventory updates of the previous selected article. In ‘filter’ I only can specify a attribute and fixed value condition.  How can I make this work. (new to medix) Regards  Peter
2 answers
  • Tab 1: Show a DataGrid with the entity Article
  • Tab 2: Show a DataView with Listen to Widget, select DataGrid1 as the source
  • Within the DataView show the InventoryUpdates associated with the Articles by adding a DataGrid (or list view, template grid) the source is via the association Article – InventoryUpdate


This is an example of a similar setup (Without the tab structure you mentioned but with the Listens to widget

Note: instead of data source “Association” you could use XPath as well (use CurrentObject), like this:


Hi Stephan, thanks for your swift answer. I will try to figure out what you suggest.

It’s functioning, many thanks.

Kind regards Peter