Visibility of list view, nested in dataview

Hello, I have a pop-up page with a Listview nested in a Dataview. The list view has conditional visibility based on an attribute of the object of the data view. When the source of the dataview is Context (page parameter), the popup is shown with the correct size, in order to accommodate the list view. However, when the source of the dataview is a microflow, I get a very small popup, with a very long vertical scrollbar:     I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that with a page parameter, the page is opened, with the dataview object already known, and thus the conditional visibility can be calculated. With a microflow source, the page is probably opened first, than the object is retrieved via the microflow, the size is determined, and after that, the conditional visibility is calculated, but no resizing takes place. I'm curious if somebody knows a solution for this issue. Greetings, Martin
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Hey Martin,

I’m assuming the conditional visibility  removes the option for just manually sizing the page in the modeler as being a reasonable solution here?