Display listview count before records.

I have a scenario, where I get data and display the first default number of records and hide the remaining and provide a button with the number of records hidden, when the user clicks on it, it should display all accounts, the same button return back original.
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Hi Ranga,

You can do the following:

- Create a helper entity (pageHelper) which holds an attribute boolean calles showAllRecords

- Open the page you are referring to from a microflow, create an object of the helper entity where showAllRecords is false and pass this to the page.

- On the page set two datagrids/ listviews. The first one has the amount of rows set to 20, the second one you set the amount of rows to 99999.

- Set the visibility of the listviews based on $pageHelper/showAllRecords

- Create a button for the user to set showAllRecords to true/false


Hi Ranga, 

Basically, You can achieve the same using multiple views. 

Have a booleans like IsDefaultView . 

When IsDefaultView is true , Display the default records with the button which shows the count of remaining records. 

On click of button , Update IsDefaultView to false which displays the another listview with all records 

I hope this helps you