Add spacing between rows in datagrid 2

As i'm not a css hero I was hoping to find some help on a styling challenge i have. In an application we are building we do use often a list view with some styling to have space between the rows. See:     But due to some functionality the datagrid2 widget is providing us we are using datagrid 2 as well in the application. Ideally we would like to have the same look and feel compare to the listview, but i'm not able to do so.   The styling of the listview is like: but i'm not sure how to complete this on a datagrid2 widget. Currently it looks like: Where the space between the items is the challenge as it is creating a table :)  
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Hey there,

often the best way to tackle such an issue is to dive into the html and see which class of the datagrid 2 determines the height of the row.


i checked a datagrid2 and found the following tree of classes that ultimately effect the height:

      padding: ....px; //this is one way to increase the height