NPE Non Persistent Entity Remove/Clear/Clean up from Mendix State

Hi everyone, I am working on a application in which we are manipulating data from another resource using REST API, Here we are  having Non Persistant Entities as a page parameter for all the pages we have. For Example Dashboard page – Countries List On Click of Country – States List --- Loading State list ( here country and States Associated) On Click of State – Cities List – Loading Cities under the state So whenever we hit any link or load page , all objects that were created are showing in Mendix State. For some amount of time, there are many number of objects were created .  So Now I want to Clear unwanted objects if I moved to previous page , For example If I open States List – then I want to clear Cities If I open Countries List – then I want to Clear States Delete Object from Microlow/nanoflow will help in this ?     Thanks, Vijayakumar.
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Hi Vijay,


The Non-persistent objects are not kept in Runtime server, those are completely maintained in Mendix Client side. That means no server side Garbage collection. 


Objects will be returned to the client together with the response to a request. Objects created outside the context of a request will automatically be discarded when the event/use of that has finished

refer the below: