Background color for specific row based on condition in list view

Hello Team , In my case I’m using List view for displaying set of values inside the table  having single column .  Whenever we click any any row means any data , It will navigate to the respective page . For that functionality I called a microflow as a data source . And what I need is I need a background colour for specific row based on the condition . For that I have try to given the css in the dynamic class of the list view .   If currentobject/tablename = “ Data1 “  then  ‘classname1’ else ‘classname2’    I have defined these two classes in visual studio code .   .classname1 { background-color : red ; }   .classname2 { background-color : white ; }   Here the style is working but the logic is missing . The background color is applying to all the rows . Can anyone suggest for making selected row should be active in list view or give background color for specific row based on condition .    Thanks in advance   
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Hi Vinodhini,

Inside your list view place a container for that give dynamic class based on your condition.


Hi Vinothini,


Have you checked your condition value, whether it is different for the rows or it is coming same value for all rows.


For this type of conditions try to take unique attribute