Facebook style tagging using Mendix

Hi All.   We are very new to mendix and looking forward for help in achieving one of the functionalities for our application. We want to achieve a facebook style tag friend textbox / textare, which can also contain a general text and tags can be included in between the text. i.e., When the user starts typing “@”, it should list all the Friends from the “User” table.   We are able to find few widgets which support tagging. For e.g.https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/116854   However, it doesn’t exactly meets our requirement as it only supports tag selection and doesn’t allow to write a general text.   We are looking for more like facebook where tags are a part of the whole text itself rather than a selection. Please see the screenshot attached.     Thank you very much for the help in advance. 
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There is no 'Facebook'-widget available, but you can use a text-widget and use it's on-change event to trigger a flow (nanoflow) to check for the presence of '@’ and if so, have that flow trigger a flow to search for contacts.