Show more Widget not working properly

Hello, I had downloaded the Show More/Less Widget from the market place as I wanted to display a big text (like title), so I set the limit of the Show more to 45 (by default it was 50) and selected the attribute (BugName) and when I executed the application I observed that the widget was displaying ‘...’ even before the any text and when I clicked on the dots some part of the text was displayed along with show less. But as per the documentation screenshot it should display the text till the limit defined and after that it should display ‘...’ (have attached the screenshot of it) Documentation:    I have attached the screenshots of the widget and the result, do suggest what is going wrong (I even tried setting different limit but faced the same issue for one word and 6-7 words).   Image 1: When navigating to the page it displays ‘...’ by default:  Image 2: After clicking on the dots partial text is displayed with Show less:   Image 3: After clicking twice (on … and the show less the full text is displayed):   Configuration: (In Studio Pro) Even tried increasing the limit but did not work (even for long  text it is not displaying the expected result)   Similar question was asked by Traividya Gadikota, but there was no answer (link:
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Hi Sidhant,


You can set the visibility rule in such a way that it won't be displayed if the length of the string is under a certain amount of characters like this:

Hope it helps!