Dynamically Open Pages

Hi all,   I have a module that would integrate orchestrate different IoT connector modules. Each potential IoT device type will have its own module with a specialization of an entity in the orchestrator module. In the orchestrator module I want to navigate to the IoT device type’s view page – available in specialization’s module with a specific naming convention - from the orchestrator module.   The challenge is, the application should be agnostic of the IoT connector modules added, meaning the end client or customer should not to be dependent on all the potential IoT connector modules, but only the ones they choose to add.   What I envision is a list view (or datagrid) and on selection, the specific view page – that is in the specialization’s module - opens.   Any ideas how this can be achieved?
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you can save you pages name in a entity when someone click on a row there should be a association between page entity and your main entity so when someone click on the row call a microflow and open a page 

you can get page name to open by page enitity