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Hi reader,   Can we implement the dynamic tab/menu.  Dynamic tab / menu means that a new tab will be created if we add data on runtime on UI.   Please respond asap.   Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh
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the asap response is; no you cannot add a tab on runtime.

A longer response when you describe what you really need, what the process is and what the added data is in relation to the page, its data and scenario.


Hi Harshraj, So i think you can create one boolean attribute named as IsNegativeResponseReceived and keep it as false by default. Then create two tabs in your page one which contains positive response and another one contains negative response. And you can set the visibility condition in the second tab to show only when the attribute "IsNegativeResponseReceived" is true. So, in runtime whenever you are getting any response as negative, make this flag as true in the microflow. So, that tab will be automatically visible to the user.





As per my knowledge you cannot create a new tab on runtime , however as some of the folks stated earlier if you know exactly how many tabs you will be requiring for example {processing , accepting , completed and decline}  . You can create all the tabs and show/hide based on your response.


Also there are lots of tab modification widgets available *in the marketplace, like https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/894 and others

You can use these to rename the tabs etc.


Hope this helps .