Creating checkboxes in Mendix Layout

Hello everyone,    I am using Mendix layout to generate a PDF that contains attributes that were filled in Mendix pages (some of them are ENUMs). For ENUM attributes, I need to display all options in Mendix layout, including the options that were not chosen. In order to do so, I can use visibility conditions, but need an icon (like a checkbox) that would clearly show which option out of the specific ENUM was chosen.    Here’s an example, let’s say we have ENUM attribute called choice1 with 3 values (option1, option2, option3). In Mendix Layout, when option1 is chosen, it should look like: ☒ Option 1 ☐ Option 2 ☐ Option3   The functionality of it is figured out (by using visibility conditions), however I was not able to find any icon that Mendix Layout offers to display something like checkboxes (☒ or ☐). Any suggestions?  
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Hi, i dont fully understand your question but ill try. You dont use the normal PDF generation but you use the mendix layout for styling a page and you use that page to create a document. Then you can add custom classes to certain elements that you show based on conditional visibility for styling. 

Adding a static image could work but if you want to be pure you can add a free to use font and use the class element to turn a div into for example font awesome icons. 

For inspiration see: