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Hi, I’m quite a beginner in Mendix, even if I have been a developer for a long time on other technologies. That’s perhaps why I have difficulties sometimes to find a solution in Mendix because I try to get it “the old way”.   Can anybody tell me how to have a navbar on my pages with on the left side the actual menu and on the right, an image showing the avatar of the logged user with a link to his/her personal area.   Thanks
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You mean like the profile-image at the right at

Not available by defailt in Mendix. You have to do quite a lot of building and style-adaptations to your page layout, probably the page layout you use is Atlas_TopBar. Which is why I built a navigationbar-addon  myself and made it available in the marketplace free to use.

Simplest way is to download module SystemManagement and use page layout ‘Atlas_TopBar_WithUserAccountInformation’.

Or download the Base application and see how it is implemented, or use it as starter-app.