Create drop-down selector for countries

I am developing an app for a company and in one step they need to know which nationality the customers have. My idea was to select a dropdown of all countries from an available list and then let the customer or admin of the company select from that list. I know this question has already been asked here, but recently another Mendix developer has suggested to me to implement this with the module ‘CountriesV5’. So I created a *-1 relation between Customer and the entity Country_ISO3166_1 and offered a reference selector related to Letters_2 to the Customer details page. In the app developing process everything worked fine, however when testing it, no country could be selected. Is that module a solution for this problem at all? Or do I really have to enter all the relevant countries in a list manually? (I hope not)   EDIT: For everyone reading this later, you have to download this module from the marketplace.  
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Hi Max,


Did you configured CountryModuleOverview page as well ?

if not then you have to configure CountryModuleOverview page and update country table, this will populate all the country details . You can add this page in your admin configuration .