Navigation and popup page.

  In my application's navigation bar, the page that is currently open is automatically highlighted in the navigation bar. But some pages are popup pages. When we click on those page similarly the navigation icon of that page is highlighted but when we close that popup page, the icon/item for the popup page is still highlighted in the navigation bar. I want that the page that is currently on our screen after closing the popup page, it's icon should be highlighted in the navigation bar and not of the popup page. How can it be solved?   The user icon and the plus icon are both navigation for popup pages.
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Hi Luv Ratan,

let me take a scenario where you are navigating to studentOverview and creating a student now also the student icon is highlighted in the navigation bar you are asking.

for that you from student section itself you are doing all operations related to student so it will be highlighted if u open the popup and close the popup also in the same for next navigation items aswell.


if u don't want to keep the active status for the navigation Item,

you can change through the CSS way where in the navigation-list.scss file and change the properties to transparent when the list item is on :active state.


Hope this helps.



So that means you have added that popup page also in the navigation bar right?

would you please send a screenshot?