Embed Text on an Image and adding Emoji Option

Hi, I was thinking of uploading a image and embedding text on the image like in Facebook when there is someone’s birthday we get an option to choose a background and on that background image we can write some text as Post or in Instagram when user clicks a picture they can write over that image like tags, name of place. Is it possible?. (For HTML and Java string) Can we add a emoji option that we usually find in most apps like Whatsapp, Microsoft Team which contains most a set of emojis from which user can select while writing a text.   Expected: (I want to implement this in Mendix 9.6.1 is it possible in higher versions as well?)
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Sure you can, also in higher (or lower) Mendix versions. You have to modify your styling to do this. In StudioPro wrap an image in a container, add a text-element in that container too and give the container a classname. Then go and modify your scss (custom- or main, whichever your prefer), adding



left:50px or so until it looks the way you like it.