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Hi I’m using the latest graph widget, works much easier as the previous one. But I’m still struggling with the following: (in a bar chart ) - I would like to have all weeks of the current year in the x-axes  (have in mind the data it is build on, does not contain data for each week number), - I would like to see a bar only in the weeks where a sum is available - I would like to see the bar only in the week the sum is available (now the bar is broader than just that week) - I played with the following settings, without reaching my goals   {   "xaxis": {     "tickformat": "%W\n%Y",     "tick0": 0,     "dtick": 604800000,     "ticklabelmode": "period",     "fixedrange": false,     "width": 0.1   },   "yaxis": {     "rangemode": "nonnegative"   } }   can someone  help me out, to reach my goals. Thanks already. Peter
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I'm making progress. But still have one question. If I run the graph in developer mode, then I can specify the “width” per serie and it works fine. But where do I set these settings in the widget in Mendix Pro.  It should be somewhere in the data of the series, but I tried every customable place. 

I’m using the latest graph version.




You can customize the layout and configuration of a chart widget by selecting the advanced mode.


The best way to see what is possible, is to checkout the examples on the plotly website.
This website also contains a reference documentation with all customization options. 



Thanks Nils for your tips.

I’ve read many documents but are still not able to find where to set the width of the bar of the date in the latest Graph widget. At runtime level I can set the “width” per serie and it works fine. But I ‘ve no idea nor found documentation pointing to where to set the width in Mendix Pro.

Can you show/describe where to set this width for the bars of a serie in the Column chart.

It should help me a lot.


Kind regards