How to Solve Unable to get a member from an empty variable error

Hi, In my application having 1 navigation.  1st page would be dashboard having a datagrid → 2nd page a detail page on click on any row from dashboard In 2nd page Now i am running a nanoflow at 2 sec interval and doing some process. Now if I click navigation , I am getting "Unable to get a member from an empty variable " error.  So then In that nanoflow i put one condition like checking object empty . If Its object empty true , its goes to false block there it should stop the execution. For me it goes to false block , but still i am getting that error and In UI i am getting  “An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.” popup message which is not acceptable. Can anyone give your suggestion       
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Hey Vijaylkumar,

In the error log, there's an log ' connector ' can you show me the message of that log. So that i can knowz what is the issue.