Huge performance drop via parallels with overpowered MacBook compared to Windows machine - Any special settings for Parallels?

I want start using my M1 Macbook Pro 14” over my Dell laptop, but I'm experiencing a big drop in performance, while the MacBook should be a lot more powerfull. Are there any special settings to run Mendix on macOS – and Mendix only?   Hardware context: MacBook Pro 2021 14” M1 Pro (8C CPU, 14C GPU, 16GB Ram, macOS 13 Ventura, Parallels 18.1, Configured VM to 6-core/8GB Ram – Full clean OS (installed Parallels and VM yesterday) Dell Precision 3561, Intel i7 11850 8-Core @ 2.5Ghz, 16GB Ram Mendix 9.12.5 project – Will upgrade to 18.2 today.   When doing a simple comparison, running a large Mx app from fully stopped state to running: 84 modules, 2800 microflows, 430 pages Windows machine 63 seconds MacBook with Parallels 150 seconds (2,5x as long).   Since my day-to-day job involves 90% Mendix development, these delays can really take up a lot of time. With these numbers I have to revert back to Windows, as using macOS is a preference, not a necessity. Therefor I was wondering if there were any special settings to use/try to improve performance in running Mendix on a MacBook (including using different Virtualisation software, such as VMWare Fusion (haven't tried)).
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We all are waiting for native MacOS Studio Pro. No other solution now  really… Keep in mind that there is a big improvement between 9.12 and 9.18 regarding M1 cpus… Anyway I bet Intel and Windows still will win in your case.