Find all usages of conditional visibility (for selected roles)

I have added a new role to my project, and I added that role to my modules as well. In some modules I use conditional visibility for selected roles on pages. I want to find those pages, so I know where I have to add my new role. Is there some way to find those pages/snippets/buttons, etc.?
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Hey R. de Winter,
Well it's not a recommended way, but I am sure that it will help you,
What you can do is, delete the particular user role and then the errors will show you where the role is used.
After you have found the particular pages, you can just revert the deletion by Ctrl+Z.
Hope it helps!



I found the answer to my own question: A way to do it, is to threaten to remove roles from the modules. Mendix will warn you that these roles are used 45 times, and you can then click Find Usages, without actually deleting the roles.